Outdoor session 2 (O30 & Open Div 1) & Fall Indoor (Open Premier & O40 Leagues) are soon here!

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Our club is here to help each other. We are women helping women by finding strength through numbers. Anyone who is showing support for another WSC member can earn GI Pts, even if it isn't a WSC administered event. We need to support each other on and off the field. We find strength through numbers. To find out how the WSC started and why Getting Involved is so important, click HERE.

SOME GI Pts earned for:

  • 1 GI PT earned for being on more than one team
  • 1 GI Pt earned for supporting a WSC member in a non-WSC run event that supports another WSC member, i.e. bike-a-thon, marathon, triathlon, 5K, fundraiser to help a WSC member and her family, etc. - just let us know what you are doing
  • 2 GI PTs earned for attending WSC Brew City Pub Crawl in the 3rd Ward - July 30th
  • 2 GI Pts earned for bringing a non-WSC friend to the WSC Brew City Pub Crawl in the 3rd Ward - July 30th
If you choose not to earn 4 GI Pts by November 1, members can buyout for $50. If you have ANY questions, please contact your GI/TLC Team Rep or the TLC Coordinators: Kyla or Julie


Xavi Skills Training Clinic - All welcome! Questions, please contact MJ Kruger

Clinic 1: Monday August 1st   7:00pm to 8:30pm

Clinic 2: Monday, August 8th

Clinic 3: Monday, August 15th 

When:  7:15pm to 8:30pm

Cost: $40.00  ($10 drop in)

Format: 50 min.drills (shooting, passing, ball handling, speed, agility, defense & offense moves, 1v1 challenges),  25 min. scrimmage 

Where: Town of Merton Soccer Park (link below)

Make sure to get there early so you are ready to start promptly at 7:15pm.  Xavi will be finished with his LCU team and ready to start at that time.
MJ will be there at 7pm warming up.

Town of Merton Community Soccer Park Link


McManigal Photography  Click here to see 2011 HSN photos. (Amy is a WSC Member)

See 2010 photos: Click here  Need a great photographer? Click Amy to schedule her for your next event!


WSC Members are involved in MANY things. See below opportunities to support them.

September 2011

  • Sept 17th: Melissa Foshager-Kappeler - Al's Run for Children's Hospital of WI -contact Melissa
  • Evelyn Hanson - Shave, Brave Save - for Children's Hospital of WI -contact


NEED a job? NEED help? Want to sell an item? Want to Buy an item? WANT TO BUY A HOUSE a VAN?  Don't forget to check out and post on the CLASSIFIEDS - free to WSC members.


























Also a HUGE Thank you to Amy McManigal of McManigal Photography (WSC member) for taking these AWESOME HSN photos. Click here to see them. Need a great photographer? Click Amy to schedule her for your next event!

To see airing of Ginny McCullough & Stan Anderson - HSN Event Chair on the Morning Blend CLICK HERE

In the news again Click here to see Fox 6 Wake-up with Kim Murphy April 7, 2010

Pub Crawl

July 30th 3rd Ward WSC Brew City Pub Crawl was a BLAST!! Thanks to everyone who came and got involved in the WSC!

Great job by organizers! Shannon Jenik & Rebecca Schultz

Thank you Dr Tom Farley for your sponsorship!


 Greta is doing well. Her treatment is complete! Melissa and Kurt Kappeler have put together a team called "Greta's Gang" in Al's Run on September 17, 2011.

To join "Greta's Gang" or to donate to Children's Hospital of WI click HERE

WSC members earn 1 GI Point - just let your TLC/GI Team Rep know what you are doing

Greta Fosh


pink ladies


  • Want to learn how to play soccer but never played  organized soccer in a club?
  • Think you are too old, aren't skilled enough or too out of shape to play?
  • Want to get "therapy" with friends, a great workout, & network with other women?
  • Want to bring in a team of beginners?


  • Are you curren tly playing soccer at the collegiate level & want to keep playing at that level?
  • Want to dust off your cleats but you haven't played for 10 or 20 years?
  • Want to play & aren't playing at your college?
  • Looking for a team to play on?
  • Want to bring in a team?
  • Want to make new friends?

Explore the site through the tabs on the left. If you have more questions & want to know how to register, contact us at:info@womenssoccerclub.com 

AlisonBlegen -WsC Majors United

   WSC Majors United - Alison Blegen (in black) WSC Majors United team took 3rd place USSF National Cup, June, 2009 coached by John Becker

Classified: Hartford is looking for a Freshman soccer coach -- interested? Contact Amy at amy@mcmanigalphotography.com with any questions and she can connect you!